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Synergies - Settlement, Integration and Language Learning

Synergies: Settlement, Integration and Language Learning is the product of a research project from the Region of Durham with outcomes that showed English language learners reporting significant gains in their language skills and familiarity with the local immigration portal. This resource provides the necessary material for language providers to implement task-based learning and strengthen learners' connections with the local community using a municipal immigration portal.

This project, available in both English and French, includes:

  • A foreword by Dr. Enrica Piccardo
  • A guide to implementing task-based learning in the classroom using a municipal immigration portal
  • A sample task-based learning block/module
  • Connections to both the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • A training slideshow for instructors
  • A summary of the Region of Durham case study
  • Data collection tools to assist instructors in measuring outcomes

Synergies: Settlement, Integration and Language Learning

Synergies: Établissement, intégration et apprentissage de la langue

​Training slideshow for instructors

Diaporama de formation pour les enseignants

Sample Tasks from the Region of Durham

This project, funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration – Municipal Immigration Information Online (MIIO), was a joint venture between Dr. Enrica Piccardo, OISE - University of Toronto, the Regional Municipality of Durham, and the Durham District School Board.