Registration for Fall 2023/2024 Semester 1 E-Learning now open. 

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If you have any questions, please contact us at dceinfo@ddsb.ca or call 905-440-4539. 

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Program Dates

eLearning courses will be offered throughout the school year on a continuous intake basis.  Students may register for up to 2 eLearning courses at one time. eLearning classes begin on September 18th and the final day for registration is  April 15, 2024.  All courses must be completed by June 13, 2024 and final marks will be available by June 19, 2024.  

Program Summary

Students take our eLearning courses because they are motivated to:

  • ​complete their high school diploma
  • gain an extra credit
  • upgrade marks in courses they have previously taken
  • make a career change
  • go to college or university
  • make a better life for their family

Get your OSSD online and get on with your offline life! 

Computer and Technical Requirements
  1. Internet access -- Students need to use Google Chrome as the browser for their eLearning course.  All other browsers are not recommended as you may encounter problems with various aspects of your course. 
  2. Windows 7 or Windows 8 (or higher) or a MAC capable of supporting the most recent version of Google Chrome
  3. A word processing program - MS Word is preferred or Open Office (click here to download Open Office) or another program that is capable of saving documents in either .rft format or .docx (MS Word) format
  4. Multimedia capability - sound card and speakers
  5. Adobe Reader - click here to download
  6. RealPlayer - click here to download
Course Login Portal
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Courses Offered
For a full catalog and descriptions of our available courses, please see the following link

To be eligible, you must:

  • be an Ontario resident
  • be a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant (some exceptions apply for those on work or study permits)
  • not be attending a publically funded secondary school
  • be 21 years of age or older


  • be 18, 19 or 20 years of age and have already graduated and have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Students who are 18, 19 or 20 years of age who do not meet the above requirements must first seek permission from Durham Alternative Secondary School (905-579-1990) prior to registering.

E. A. Lovell Location

E. A. Lovell ACEC - Map

120 Centre St. S.

Oshawa, ON

L1H 4A3 

Frequently Asked Questions
Am I able to take a DCE eLearning course if I am registered in an Ontario high school? 

No, you cannot take an eLearning course with DCE if you are registered in another high school. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Aged 21 and over and are not enrolled in an Ontario high school.

2. Between 18 and 21 years of age and hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but are not currently attending an Ontario high school. 

Are these courses the same as high school credit courses? 
All credit courses offered by DCE eLearning and Durham Continuing Education meet the curriculum expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education and are the same credit expectations used by publicly funded and accredited high schools in Ontario.
Can I take a DCE eLearning course if I already have a secondary school diploma? 

Yes, you can take a DCE eLearning course if you fall into one of the following categories:

1. Aged 21 and over and not enrolled in an Ontario high school.

2. Are between 18 and 21 years of age and hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma but want to take an course you have not previously taken or want to upgrade a mark.

You may want to take a course to upgrade a mark, learn new skills, to gain high school credits needed for a post-secondary program, and for many other reasons.

Can these courses be used for entry into college or university? 
Yes – eLearning courses are the same as any other Ontario high school credit and do meet the eligibility requirements for college and university programs. 
Do colleges and universities recognize these courses as the same as courses taken in a regular high school?
Yes – these are Ontario high school credits with the same expectations and curriculum of any other Ontario high school credit. 
Do I have to do prerequisite courses or can I jump right to the grade 12 University courses that I need for University entrance? 
As an adult student, prerequisites are recommendations and not requirements. However, we seriously caution students from skipping the prerequisite courses as the lower level courses will assist you in mastering skills needed for successful completion of the senior University level courses.
How many eLearning courses can I enroll in each session?
Students are able to register for up to 2 eLearning courses in any semester. 
How much work is there in an eLearning course?
You are expected to logon each day and spend 15 - 20 hours per week on your course. In order to be successful, you need to do the required readings, participate in class discussions and submit assignments on assigned due dates, which requires you to be working on your course each and every day.
How often will my teacher communicate with me and by what methods?
Your teacher will communicate with you on an on-going basis by email, through class discussions and by feedback on the work you are doing. The teacher's goal is to help you be as successful as you can with the course curriculum and constant communication is vital to this process.
I have been out of school for many years – how do I get my transcript? 
You can obtain your transcript from the last secondary school that you attended – schools are required to keep records for 55 years. Most schools will take the request over the phone. In some cases such as the Toronto District School Board, records are kept in a central repository and must be obtained from that central location. Check with the school that you last attended. 
I have never attended school in Ontario – can I still get an Ontario diploma?
Yes – you can get an Ontario diploma. Some of your education from another province or country may also be recognized for credit towards an Ontario diploma. Each situation is different so book an appointment with one of our guidance counsellors to get started.
I left school many years ago – can I still get a diploma?
Yes. Even if you never attended high school you can still obtain your diploma. Call 905-440-4539 to speak with a guidance counsellor to get started right away.
Is there a final exam?
It depends. Some courses will require a final examination, while others will not. Your teacher will let you know if your course has a final examination, once your course starts.
Is there a way to determine if online learning is right for me?

Students need to be motivated and able to work independently.  Take our self-assessments, to see if you are ready to take an eLearning course:

  1. Self-assessment 1 - Am I Ready to Take an Online Course?
  2. Self-assessment 2 - Do I Have the Enough Time?
  3. Self-assessment 3 - Computer Skills Readiness Indicator
Is there continuous intake for DCE's eLearning program? 
No, courses have specific start and end dates. Courses typically run for a 12 week period and students are expected to complete the course in that time frame. 
What courses do I need to graduate?
Although each individual situation is different, adult students will require 30 credits to graduate, including compulsory credits such as English, math, and a science or technology credit at the grade 11 and 12 level. Start by calling 905-440-4539 to speak with a guidance counsellor to explore your options. 
Who teaches DCE eLearning courses? 
Only Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT members) teach DCE eLearning courses.
Call 905-440-4505 or email DCE.eLearning@ddsb.ca 

Click here to learn about our credit programs and begin registration.

If you are unsure what course or courses to take, call our guidance department at 905-440-4539 to book a phone appointment.

Student Reference Documents - please read
  1. Welcome to eLearning Letter
  2. Student Information Sheet​
What Should I Bring to Complete my Attestation Form
  1. Proof of Canadian Citizenship (please bring the original of one of the documents below):
    1. Canadian citizenship card
    2. Canadian Passport
    3. Permanent Visa
    4. Other Visa
    5. Student Visa
    6. Refugee Status
  2. Photo identification - Canadian Passport, Driver's Licence, Health Card

If you were born outside of Canada, we will require your place of birth and the date of your landing in Canada for registration. All ID must be in the same name. If you have changed your name you must provide legal proof of the name change.

It is recommended that you bring:

  • a high school transcript/consolidated school report or status sheet from your last secondary school
  • if you are preparing for post-secondary studies, you should bring a list of the pre-requisites for the program(s) you are hoping to work towards

Student Testimonial(s)


"I was out of school for almost 10 years when I decided I wanted a post-secondary education. The staff and teachers went above and beyond to make sure that I was successful. They even had my exam marked early so I could submit my final mark to the college of my choice. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to further their education."
Devin Kemp​

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