Learn@Home - Summer Program

Learn@Home may be right for you, if; 

  • you need to complete your high school diploma
  • you need an extra credit
  • you need to upgrade courses
  • you are considering a career or educational change
  • you are prevented from attending regular classes due to work/family commitments
  • the required courses are not offered in summer school, eLearning or night school (for non-graduate students under 21 years of age)

Learn@Home students must; 

  • be a resident of Ontario,
  • be a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant (Note: some exceptions apply for those on work or study permits),
  • not be attending a publicly funded secondary school,
  • 21 years of age or older, 


be between 18 and 21 years of age and hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma


be between 18 and 21 years of age and seeking "University" level correspondence courses.

Students between 18 and 21 years of age who do not meet the above requirements must first seek permission from Durham Alternative Secondary School (905-579-1990) prior to registering.

Eligibility Exceptions

Part-time secondary students between 18 and 21 years of age may be eligible with home school approval in writing.  Full-time Durham District School Board students with exceptional circumstances may be eligible.  Students must visit their home school guidance or talk to the home school administration and obtain approval (from both their administration and the administration of Durham Continuing Education) prior to making a registration appointment. 

Part-time Secondary Students
Part-time secondary students between 18 and 21 years of age may be eligible with home school approval in writing.  

Visit our website, www.dce.ca and complete the Request to Register online form. Once submitted, you will be contacted by our guidance department via email or phone to complete the next steps of registration. 

Summer Registration

DDSB secondary students who are returning to secondary school in Fall 2022 maybe eligible if: 

  • the student is not registered in any other course in any other mode of delivery with the DDSB during summer 2022 

  • the required course is not available in any other mode of instruction during the summer 

  • the student is a high-performance athlete/artist that has documented travel that would interfere with classroom components 

  • the student has documented health issues that would prevent attendance or participation in courses offered in other delivery modes in the summer program. 


Summer students meeting the above criterial must seek approval through their home school administration and the Principal of Durham Continuing Education prior to making a completing the Request to Register online form.   


Note:  Timelines are very short for eligible students.  Registration period is Monday July 4, 2022, to Friday July 18, 2022.  All lessons and exams/summatives must be completed and submitted by Monday August 15, 2022 – extensions are not possible. It is highly suggested that you begin the registration process in mid-June to begin the course on July 4, 2022. 

What Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment

You must provide original documents of (current DDSB students excluded) to show the guidance team member at the virtual appointment: 

  1. One piece of government ID with your photo (i.e., Driver's License, Health Card) 

  1. Proof of Canadian citizenship – it MUST be one of the following: 

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Birth Registration 

  • Canadian Passport 

  • Landed Immigrant Papers 

  • Canadian Citizenship Card 

  • Permanent Resident Card 

Scans or copies of documents are not acceptable.  Social Insurance Cards and Health Cards do NOT certify citizenship.  For persons born outside of Canada, we will require place of birth and date of landing in Canada for registration. 


All ID must be in the same name – if you have changed your name, you must show legal proof of the name change such as a Marriage Certificate or other legal proof of name change. 

It is recommended that you have: 

  • a high school transcript/consolidated school report or status sheet from your last secondary school to ensure you are not choosing a duplicate course, 

  • if you are preparing for post-secondary studies, you should bring a list of the pre-requisites for the program(s) you are hoping to work towards. 


Part-time secondary students MUST bring a letter from their home school verifying their part-time status. 


Note: We cannot process your registration without the above documents. 

What is Learn@Home?

Learn@Home correspondence-style courses allow you to complete course work at home on your schedule.  You submit lessons for evaluation and complete one summative evaluation electronically.  You dictate the schedule - start when you want and write your summative when you are ready.  
Learn@Home is self-directed learning.  An ideal student is highly motivated and goal oriented.  Some of our course materials may be available in an electronic format; however, this is not e-Learning.  A teacher is available one night per week in an online forum for assistance(September to June only). 

All Learn@Home courses have a 4-month maximum time limit – there is no minimum time limit. Timelines are altered for eligible secondary students.  


For more information, and to view the list of available courses, please visit  "Correspondence Courses" under the "Programs" tab.