Focus for Future

This summer credit program enables young parents between the ages of 18 – 25, who are involved with the services of LEAP (Learning Earning and Parenting) through the Region of Durham's Social Services Department, an opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge which will assist them in their journey as individuals and young parents.

A limited number of spaces in on-site childminding are available for the convenience of students and their children.
Course Dates and Times

Tuesday July 2 to Thursday July 25, 2019.

There are no Friday classes except Friday July 5, 2019.

9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.

Schedule of important dates

List of Courses
HFC3E1/HFC3M1 – Food and Culture 
Program Information
Students gain hands on experience in nutrition, cooking, health and personal well-being while developing a network of community supports to enrich their lives and those of their dependents.
Contact:  Maureen Cook, Head Adult Alternative Programs at 905-440-7302 or